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The Family Security Plan®

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For over forty years, The Family Security Plan®’s products have been protecting thousands of credit union families and friends. During this time, we have earned the confidence and trust of credit unions and our policyholders. We are proud of the relationships we built and the promises we have kept. Our products have helped thousands of families in our community, and provided a secure foundation for them and their loved ones.

Total policyholders covered 400,000

Over $25,000,000* claims paid

Behind every number is a story of love, responsibility and courage. Each claim payment to our policyholders and their beneficiaries is a promise we have kept. Whether it is used for income replacement, final expenses or sending a child to college, The Family Security Plan® is here to assist you with your insurance needs.

*Includes claims paid for all products. This figure is an estimate between 2012-2014 representing an estimated 4,000 claims from insurance carriers currently part of The Family Security Plan®.

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