Disability Income Protection

What would happen to your finances if you suddenly stopped working?

How long would your savings cover your expenses?

Do you need individual disability insurance if you have an employer sponsored plan?


Why Disability Income Insurance?

A disability can happen to anyone. No one plans on getting too sick or injured to work. If the unexpected happens, proper planning with an individual disability income policy can help protect your income and your ability to maintain your standard of living. Employer sponsored programs such as group long term disability and social security benefits may leave you short of income.

What is Disability Income Insurance?

Disability Income Protection pays a benefit if you are too sick or injured to work. A percentage of your earned income is covered. Generally speaking, benefits paid on an individually owned disability income policy are tax free.* The Family Security Plan® has convenient flexible plans to meet your income needs.

Who needs Disability Income Insurance?

Anyone who depends on their income to maintain their lifestyle should consider Disability Income Insurance.

*The information provided is not intended as legal or tax advice.


Learn how disability insurance can help your family.