Whole Life Insurance

Do you have a savings plan to cover financial emergencies?

If your family was to suddenly lose an income, would they be able to maintain their lifestyle?

Would your survivors be able to stay in their home?


Why Whole Life Insurance?

Whole Life Insurance provides permanent insurance protection. You have the flexibility to choose the benefit and premium amount that best suits your individual and family needs.

How much insurance do I need?

In general, you want enough insurance to cover your family’s financial needs, such as mortgage, outstanding debt and final expenses if you should die. The proceeds from a life insurance policy paid to your beneficiary is generally tax free. Your loved ones can use the money for whatever they need.

Is it expensive?

Your premiums will remain level and won’t go up as the years go on. Your policy will build cash value and you can access money from the policy in the form of a loan.

Do I need personal life insurance if I have group insurance through work?

Group policies are a great benefit for employees but are generally only in force while you are employed with that company. So, if you leave the company or retire, you may be without coverage. A personal life insurance policy assures adequate coverage regardless of your employment and provides coverage after you retire.

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How life insurance can help your family