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Whole Life Insurance

The Family Security Plan®'s Whole Life Insurance Program* offers you a way to protect your family's future in the event that you were no longer there to care for them.

Highlights Include...

  • Affordable Rates - As low as $1/day
  • Permanent, Portable Protection
  • Your Coverage continues after retirement and even if you change jobs (provided you keep paying the premiums
  • Payroll Deducted Payments - What could be easier? As long as sufficient premium payments are deducted from your paycheck each week, you never have to worry about losing your coverage!
  • Cash Value - This accumulates on your policy at guaranteed interest rates
  • Spouse and Dependent Coverage
  • Coverage never decreases and premiums never increase
When your term life insurance contracts end, experience peace of mind knowing that your whole life policy is still in force, protecting your family. Purchase a plan that offers you peace of mind and peace for life. Feel secure knowing that if something happened to you today, your family has options because they are protected. Many families use their benefit for:
  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Education
  • Daily Expenses/Bills
  • Child Care

Whole Life Insurance Benefits**

Dependent Children Term Insurance
All of your dependent children can be covered for a maximum of $10,000 for as little as $.17 per day. The cost for protection will not increase, regardless of the number of children you have. This term coverage can be converted to permanent coverage that will insure your children for their entire lives.

Dependent Children Whole Life Policy
Another way to protect your children is to purchase each of them a Whole Life policy for only $2 a week per child. This plan provides permanent coverage while building cash value.

Living Benefits Rider
Under this benefit, the policy owner may access up to 75% of thepolicy's death benefit (maximum of $250,000 in most states) if a physician determines that the insured is terminally ill (life expectancy of 12 months or less). Receipt of accelerated death benefits may be taxable or may affect eligibility for public assistance programs

Disability Waiver Protection
This benefit pays the monthly premium in the event that the insured is totally disabled for the period specified in the policy.

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*Policy Form #2093
** Refer to your policy for details and limitations.

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